Lift Chairs…more than just a “Lazyboy”

     Electric lift chairs resemble a “Lazy Boy” type recliner. The main difference is that with the assistance of an electric motor and hand control the chair will lift the user to a standing position eliminating the effort needed to stand from a seated position. This is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from hip or knee pain/arthritis. Also anyone who is affected with any type of neurological disorder.

     Here at Colonial Medical Supplies we carry the top (2) manufacturers of lift chairs, Golden Technologiesand Pride. There are several other less known brands such as Action Lift Chairs, Franklin, Lazy Boy, Kathy Ireland Home and Nexidea to mention a few. There are (3) basic different types of lift chairs all of which do bring the user to a standing position. They are; two position which only elevates the feet and reclines to about a 45 degree angle, three position which reclines back to a “napping” position and infinite position chair which has added a second motor and allows for separate control of the footrest and backrest. With this type of chair the user can achieve a “zero gravity” position which promotes better spinal alignment, better lung capacity and improved circulation. This type of chair will also recline back to a completely flat position. On a side note there is also a product called Uplift, this is a portable unit that is designed to fit most chairs and has either hydraulic lift based on user weight which I personally feel is somewhat “gimmicky” due to the fact you must be able to start to stand before this will assist or an electric version that does work for most people but costs nearly $300.00.

     There are several benefits to shopping for your lift chair at Colonial Medical Supplies. First of all Colonial Medical Supplies currently has (3) retail locations where you can come in to try different lift chairs. At Colonial Medical Supplies corporate office, located in Altamonte Springs, FL, we have a showroom with over 13,000 square feet housing approximately 40 lift chairs in our showroom with several highly trained sales representatives to assist in both educating on any of the products we carry as well as to answer any questions you might have. Colonial Medical Supplies also staffs a fully trained and certified service mechanic to do any/all type of repairs necessary to keep your lift chair functioning properly. This service also includes any type of warranty work as well.

     Colonial Medical Supplieswill also process Medicare billing on your behalf as long as you have a prescription. Medicare only deems the lift mechanism as medically necessary as they do not pay for the chair and do not pre-qualify you for this benefit. The allowable Medicare has established for possible reimbursement is approximately $350.00. That is the maximum amount you may be eligible to get back from Medicare. You do have to pay for the full cost of the lift chair up front as we then will obtain the Medicare documentation, this is a Certificate of Medical Necessity, needed to properly process the claim on your behalf.

     In closing, Colonial Medical Supplies carries the (2) leading manufacturers of lift chairs in the medical manufacturing field, they are Pride and Golden Technologies. We have highly trained staff to assist in all of your durable medical needs as well as to provide insurance billing on your behalf.

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