Medicare Cushion Requirements

Here at Colonial Medical Supplies we are dedicated to providing the correct cushion for each patient according to their individual needs. Medicare may sometimes help with the expense of a cushion if the patient qualifies. This is very helpful given that most cushion cost range from $50.00 to $500.00.

Here is a quick summary of what Medicare requires to be covered for a cushion. First the patient must have a wheelchair. If the patient is not in a wheelchair they do not qualify. A transport/companion chair does not qualify for any cushion. The patient will automatically qualify for a basic cushion on a standard wheelchair. If the patient is in a power wheelchair, the power wheelchair must have a solid or sling seat. A captain seat will not qualify for any type of additional cushion.

If the patient needs a higher end cushion due to positioning or pressure relieving needs, the diagnosis will determine if the patient qualifies for something higher end.

Examples of qualifying diagnosis for the higher end cushions are as follows: paraplegia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, hemi paresis, post polio, amputee, and pressure wounds. There are several other diagnoses that can qualify you.

The best way to determine that you are getting the correct cushion is come into Colonial Medical Supplies location and let one of our trained personal guide you through the many options.

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