The Three Types of Rolling Walkers Colonial Medical Supplies Offers Through Medicare

Walkers are needed for all types of situations; sometimes customers are just not sure what type of walker is best for their situation. What type of walker you choose should be based on personal preference and your ability and balance. You can discuss with your doctor which walker he thinks is best for you depending on your physical requirements if you are unsure what walker to choose. There are three types of rolling walkers.

The first of the three being a four wheeled Rollator walker with seat. The Rollator walker is very easy to. This type of walker has four wheels, seat, basket and push down brakes that lock. The push down brakes offered by this walker ensures safety when standing up or sitting on the seat. The large padded seat makes it easy for you to rest during long trips, or even just a walk in the grocery store. The Rollator is easy to fold up and put into the trunk of your car. The Rollator is covered eighty percent by Medicare with a valid prescription that must state four wheeled walker with seat and brakes. These walkers come in many different colors. Rollators are not made as sturdy as a wheelchair, and cannot be a used as a substitute.

The second type of rolling walker is the two wheeled rolling walker. The two wheeled walker has two wheels in the front and two legs in the back with rubber tips to offer better stability. This type of walker is aluminum very simple to just fold up each side and store away. This walker is also covered by Medicare at eighty percent with a valid prescription that states rolling walker.

The third type of rolling walker is the three wheeled walker. This type of walker has three wheels, two in the back and one in the front, and also includes a pocket to put your personal belongings. These walkers are not covered by Medicare, but are very easy to maneuver through small spaces such as a doctor office. These walkers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Medicare will cover a new walker every five years, and replacement wheels can be purchased through Medicare with in these five years. Walkers can be very useful and can come in all colors and brands. The most important part about choosing a walker is choosing one that’s right for you and that fits your needs.

Aetna, United healthcare and many other private insurances follow the same guidelines as Medicare.

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  1. Geneva Cobb says:

    This was very well written ,and lots of information about the walker,Lots of people dont know there are different types of walkers.and their insurances can pay for most of the cost.I liked the article very much.

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