Alternative Funding Sources

Here at Colonial Medical Supplies we realize an individual’s needs for equipment may not always be covered by their insurance company. Here are few programs to help with those needs for individuals that can’t afford the cost of expensive equipment that is not regularly covered.

Vocational Rehabilitation is a state run program to help the disabled find work or be able to keep their job by providing equipment that may not always be covered by insurance. This is perfect for an individual that is willing and able to work but may need something such as a scooter or handicap accessible van to make the job work. There are many other items they can help with such as standers, car lifts, and even shower chairs if the patient qualifies. The Brain and Spinal Cord Injury program is also a state run program but is more directly established for patients that have a brain or spinal cord injury. They can help with many items needed for new patients’ after a severe injury. Items commonly covered by this program are ramps, home modifications, shower wheelchairs, and standers.

There are also many programs established for specific diseases. These include, but are not limited to, the Muscular Dystrophies Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, ALS foundation, and 4MYCHILD. These are all examples of other programs out there to help those in need. While some will offer help with funding, others may help with support and trying to find whatever that individual’s needs are. Colonial Medical Supplies strives to participate with as many programs as possible making it
easier for the patient to seek the help they need. Please contact our staff anytime for contact information for these programs.

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