iHealth takes smartphones to the next level.

Smartphones have become a huge asset to the lives of many.  From such a small device, you are able to accomplish phone calls, reading/responding to emails, entertainment in the form of games and movies, photography, blogging, a variety documentation programs, and it doesn’t stop there.  A quirky response to someone saying “I wish there was a program that could do …”  or “If only my phone could do….” would be simply put “There’s an app for that.”   They have apps for anything now-a-days and only the surface of the medical industry has been touched.  Luckily, iHealth has announced at CES 2012 they will be coming out with 3 new devices this year to help out patients organize and simplify their devices for their medical needs.

First up, iHealth’s Blood Pressure monitor will be getting a complete upgrade to become wireless.  It will send your vitals over Bluetooth to an app on your iPhone.  No longer do you need a cumbersome BP monitor with a wire/tubing that could get in the way.  Second in the line up is iHealth’s Smart Glucometer.   Diabetes is becoming more common in today’s society.  Anyone who is a diabetic knows that their vitals  must be constantly monitored and logged.  What better way than with a simple attachment for your phone rather than a completely seperate glucometer.  The final device iHealth has in store is a Wireless Body Fat Scale that has upgraded their Digital Scale and allowed it to measure your body fat and send the information to your device.

The best part of all this is that all of your vitals and information is automatically send to and stored on your idevice (whether it be iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad) which will have it put on the cloud in one nice, neat spreadsheet.  No more having to write your information in a journal.

Great!  Now, you may be thinking, how can I get this paid for by my insurance.  Blood pressure monitors (also known as sphygmomanometers) are covered under private insurances as in United Healthcare, Aetna, and others .  Insurances usually pay for the least costly alternatives so there may be a small upgrade fee to allow you to get the latest technology out.  Glucometers can be covered by more than just private insurance but also Medicare.  Again, there may be a small upgrade fee to get iHealth’s Smart Glucometer, but a portion can be paid by your insurance.  If these devices can be approved, worker’s compensation can cover them completely.  As soon as these devices are out to the public, why not let one of our Customer Service Representatives at Colonial Medical Supplies try to get your device approved through your insurance.  To start, all you will need is a prescription stating  the device you are looking to get.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at csr@colonialmed.com.

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