Bathroom Struggles

Having difficulties getting up from your low toilet seat or need something to grip onto to support you as you get on or off of your toilet seat? A 3-in-1 commode could be the answer to your problems. The standard 3-in-1 commode is height adjustable so you can raise it above your toilet seat making it easier to get off of. Also with the commodes’ raised arms, you can give yourself some extra leverage getting up from the commode, or you can use the arms to steady yourself as you prepare to be seated on the commode. So there are two uses of the commode: a raised toilet seat, and with the raised arms you get a very secure toilet safety frame. The third use of the standard 3-in-1 commode is that you can use it for bedside use. This means that if you are unable to walk the distance to the toilet, which is very common after a hip or knee surgery, you can have the commode right next to your bed.

Specialty commodes are less common and most are unaware that there are other options for commodes to fit different needs. The standard commode is usually made of steel, however, there is an aluminum commode. The aluminum commode has all the same features as the standard but is aluminum instead of steel, this is particularly important, with the aluminum the commode will not rust when it gets wet meaning it can be used as a shower chair as well as the three other uses of a standard 3-in-1 commode. Another less known commode type is the drop-arm commode. For someone transferring from another type of seated mobility product such as a scooter, wheelchair, or powerchair transferring can be difficult as it is but with the drop-arm it literally means that by pushing a tab the arm will drop to the side so it is out of the way making the transfer process smoother and easier. There are also drop-arm commodes with padding on the seat and arms for additional comfort. Bariatric commodes are available as well, as long as the user is over 350lbs. It is a reinforced steel framed commode with a starting weight capacity of about 550lbs, some can hold up to 1000lbs so they make a very strong and sturdy bariatric commode. Next time you or someone you know is having any bathroom struggles and a commode may be answer we can help get the one that would best suit you.

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